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14.12.2023 By all of us at Current Global!

Happy Holidays!

The image, on a white background, is a compilation of color, and black and white hand-drawn holiday/seasonally themed motifs around the written message ‘Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Frohohohe Weihnachten, and Feliz Natal’. The motifs, some of which are skillfully rendered while others are of a naiver style include three Christmas trees (one in colored pencils, one in fine point pen), and a digital tree from Korea which features the Namsan Seoul Tower. There are two snowmen, two robins (one of which is crafted in origami), a candle, a bell, a winking Santa Claus, and finally a red bauble containing a polar bear wearing a scarf and hat. The overall feeling of the piece is fun, festive, and handmade.


For this year’s holiday greeting, we decided to give our creative team a break. After all, they’ve been busy elves all year long crafting impactful work for our clients. Instead, we challenged our colleagues around the world to design this year’s card.

The result is a unique collection of artistic contributions that represents who we are at Current Global, an agency that honors the creativity that lives in all of us and values individual contributions and diverse points of view.

All of us at Current Global wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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