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21.04.2021 By George Coleman, Joint CEO, Current Global

New Guidelines Designed to Make Communications Accessible to All

Two hands using a screenreadeer.

When we announced our commitment in December 2020 to make our communications content accessible to all, we hoped it would inspire others to do the same.

We wanted to provide the spark for much needed change across our industry.

Today we are taking an important step toward realizing that goal with the publishing of the PRCA’s Accessible Communications Guidelines, in partnership with the PR Council. Click on the links on this page of our website for the PDF or Word versions.

It’s been a privilege to work with Francis Ingham and his team on this vital document, which sets out the tools available to agencies and in-house teams and the standards and process they should apply to make their content as inclusive as possible.

If we ever needed a reminder of why this is so critical, we’re also sharing findings from research we commissioned into the lived experience that people with disabilities have consuming media and content. It makes for hard reading, especially seeing the emotional consequences of being excluded from communications that many of us take for granted. Download the report from this page of our website.

It deepens our sense of a moral duty to affect change, while also reminding us that accessibility is good for brands. The positive impact on brand perception and purchase intent is significant when we make communications accessible by design.

You can join this effort and commit to doing exactly that here at and if you agree, we’ll add your logo to show the growing momentum for change across the communications industry. We’ll also add more resources to this website over time to make it a hub for learning and sharing.

Speaking of sharing, I encourage you to read this powerful piece by my colleague Sena Pottackal, who writes about her experiences as a person with visual disability.

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past few months yet realize there is still much work to do. Thank you in advance to all those joining us on this journey.

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